Welcome to Kamer Zucker Abbott, Nevada's leading management-side labor and employment law firm.  We thank you for visiting our website.  For well over a quarter century, Kamer Zucker Abbott has been a trusted legal advocate for Nevada's leading businesses.

Employers in the 21 st century face an unprecedented level of regulation regarding their employees.  Laws at both the state and federal level can be complicated, and often counterintuitive to many business owners.  Our goal at Kamer Zucker Abbott, or "KZA" as we are often referred to, is to help businesses navigate through their increasingly complex maze of labor and employment obligations.  We do not expect our clients to be lawyers – that is our job.  Our goal is to allow you to focus on running your business.

With its sole focus on labor and employment law, Kamer Zucker Abbott combines individualized attention, accessibility and expertise to help Nevada's business leaders effectively address any labor or workplace issue that may arise.  Because KZA is based in Nevada, the firm's attorneys understand how to optimally work with the community's judges, courts, government agencies, and businesses.

From answering a simple question to defending a complex case, Kamer Zucker Abbott does it all.  We take pride in furnishing straightforward advice and practical solutions to our clients.

Unlike other firms who may send your legal matters off to lawyers in some office outside Nevada, with Kamer Zucker Abbott you get quick access and personal, face-to-face attention from a team of dedicated legal professionals at a local law firm that has steadfastly partnered with Nevada businesses for more than two and a half decades.

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